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My articles

Welcome to the repository of my (often over-researched) musings on the matters of digital rights and online safety as well as some personal stories from the field of internet policy. Expect a pinch of dark humour.

Disclaimers & callouts: 

  • All views are my own

All views expressed here are my own and do not represent opinions of any of my employers even if they were, to an extent, shaped by them

  • Sensitive content warning 

I would like to issue a sensitive content warning in case anyone unwittingly stumbles upon this website. Many of the articles here will discuss sensitive and graphic and potentially upsetting subject matters including abuse and sexual violence.

  • Personal biases

My industry experience is limited to Twitter 1.0 which may affect the extent of my knowledge regarding the existing abuse vectors and detection mechanisms. I'm aware of this limitation, so I try to supplement my direct experience through ongoing conversations with the broader T&S community. In my writings I will likely talk about the Asia Pacific region because a lot of my practical experience has been gained here. However, I recognise that my views can skew the so-called Global North due to my educational background and language capabilities, and despite the fact that I am originally from Central Asia.

Old Pieces Published Elsewhere

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