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Let me introduce myself

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Alex here. 

Having spent over 10 years working on matters related to children's online safety I rarely had an opportunity to speak about it purely in my own voice. While talking publicly about my opinions does not come naturally, I hope to build a community of people who care deeply about how digital spaces are built and who gets to have a voice on the matter.

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TL;DR: In my 10 years as T&S professional I went from working at an internet hotline to Kazakhstan to being a senior member of Twitter 1.0 Trust & Safety team in APAC. I started my internet policy journey working for an internet hotline. Having completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology two years earlier I was eager to leave the job that had nothing to do with my degree or my interests and find an outlet for an interest I developed at university - criminal and forensic psychology. "Digital crime is also crime" I though and boy didn't I know where that thinking would take me.

This site is an ongoing creation with a potential to grow and evolve.

If you want to discuss my work or possible collaborations, contribute to the blog,

hear more about my journey or simply say hi - please reach out.

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Children's digital rights continue to be underrepresented in policy dialogues. I believe policymaking practices of governments and private entities that affects the way societies and communities operate in digital spaces ought to work for all, regardless of age.

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With some of my most precious learnings coming from the time spent at the London School of Economics and being involved in unique research projects, I will always have Appreciation for research that informs and guides policy making.

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Building processes and operations is my passion. Learning about the ins and out of workflows, digging through data and finding patterns is where I thrive. I am equally thrilled about and apprehensive of the progress made in space of AI-assisted content moderation.

I am always thrilled to discuss:

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